I am people-oriented, conscientious, and self-motivated. If you can relate to this statement, then the Security Training Program at City of Refuge could be your solution to finding a career in the security services industry. More and more business owners are taking security seriously and they need trustworthy people like you to care for their[…]

NAPA Auto Center

I enjoy working on cars, finishing the job, and providing amazing service. If this statement fits you, then the NAPA Automotive Training Program at City of Refuge could be your vehicle on the road to a successful career in the automotive repair field. There’s a high demand for skilled mechanics and this intensive training will[…]

Culinary Arts Academy

I am passionate about food, teamwork, and making people smile. If this sounds like you, then the 180° Culinary Arts Academy at City of Refuge could be your path to a promising career in the foodservice industry. In the next ten years, culinary jobs will make up 1 of 5 jobs in Georgia and your[…]


I am all about crunching numbers, managing details, and striving for excellence. If this reflects you, then the bookkeeping course at City of Refuge could be your ticket to a rewarding career in finance or accounting. Businesses and organizations are always looking for trustworthy and dependable people to manage their money. You can be that[…]

Customer Service Training

I love being social, solving problems, and serving people. If this is true about you, the customer service training at City of Refuge could be your next step toward a thriving career. The customer service field is growing and we need more people like you with the personal and professional skills to serve in areas[…]

Customer Service Training

Do you enjoy interacting with people and serving others? Our customer service training is a 5-week program where you will learn to perform in a service industry such as retail, hotel hospitality, or call-center and effectively interact with guests and customers. You will graduate the program with adequate experience and confidence that will follow you[…]